Sunday, October 13

Gold Standard

Job 23:10

Sunday, October 6

Slaves to sons through The Son

Galatians 4:1–7

Sunday, September 29

Heirs According to God’s Promise

Galatians 3:15–29

Sunday, September 15

The Gospel that Justifies, Sanctifies

Galatians 2:15–21

Sunday, September 8

The Gospel and Religion

Galatians 2:1–21

Sunday, September 1

The Day of Atonement

Hebrews 9 Leviticus 16

Sunday, August 25

God's Gospel Enables Us to Live a life Well-Lived

Galatians 1:11–24

Sunday, July 28

Satisfaction for Coveting, Lying Thieves

Exodus 20:15–17

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